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It is important that you as residents of Kent, WA take the necessary steps to implement proper weed control in your lawns and gardens. The consequences of not doing this can be very severe. As the famous saying goes “A rolling stone gathers no moss” so does your grass. Without proper weed control, this can be a slippery slope to hardwood infestations and even more threatening to your homes and gardens. When it comes to dealing with weeds in your yard or garden in Kent, WA, there are several options available. However, most of these choices center around two main methods, that of using non-organic or organic chemicals to control the weed problem or that of using traditional lawn care techniques that require the application of chemicals to the affected area and then working to keep the weeds under control by using various tools and devices.

Non-organic or “green” weed control in Kent, WA requires the consistent application of chemical herbicides which are either applied by hand or can be purchased over the counter. The other method for non-organic control requires digging multiple holes and applying the chemicals by hand or in a spray machine. There are also several types of mechanical control devices such as weed eaters and weed whackers that are used to pull the weeds in one direction at a time. Our lawn care services in Kent, WA is best that utilize non-chemical methods of controlling weed growth in order to ensure that our neighborhoods remain safe from this common nuisance.

Chemical herbicides can have side effects and in some cases can even become toxic. In addition, non-organic chemicals are more likely to result in a more even spread of the weed seed and are more likely to become resistant to the pest or weed than an organic treatment. It is for these reasons that many homeowners choose to employ the use of non-chemical herbicides and other methods of lawn care in their yards. These services are available in Kent, WA, and handled by our professional company that has years of experience and knowledge in the field of lawn care services.

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